Who we are People who is around Feeling Bio is just people like you.
  • EcoLogic people
    FeelingBio Group / Contact / feelingbio@gmail.com

    The group that forms FeelingBio is a group of young and old people who is connected to the idea of having a better life. We are all professionals with different dedications: farmers, doctors, teachers, journalists, etc. But above everything else, we believe in a better way of eating and producing, and this is all about ecological and bio food.

    We do different meetings during the year to explain our different ideas, share and talk about how can we improve our general diet and our daily life. We usually have a nice meal and enjoy the evening and, sometimes, even the night! So if you want to join us, please just contact!

  • Farmers and Eaters
    Specialists / Contact / feelingbio@gmail.com

    We would love to have a special mention in the base and the end of this idea. That´s why we consider our best colleges the farmers around Estepona, Marbella, Málaga and Granada, we try to take care of them and give them the position they deserve: the first one. If they are not working right, we are not working right and we are trying to develop the great job they do. And, of course, without people consuming this great products we wouldn´t be able to go on with this idea, so many thanks to all of them and many thanks from the farmers as well, they perfectly understand that this is not possible without the people who cares about the food.

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